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What is all the talk about mobile websites?

Posted On: 2/27/2013 9:14:22 AM

Today more than ever people are surfing the web using mobile devices. In fact, 30% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Customers are even purchasing items on smart phones, ipads, tablets, and other devices. Yes, you could create an app for each device, but the cost of doing so may be very costly, and you are only reaching part of the market.


So which path should you take?

  1. Create a responsive website from the beginning. So what does responsive design mean? Responsive design means that your website will automatically format itself to the dimensions of the device. All the content will show up on the site regardless of device. The plus side of this method is that you will only have one website that is compatible with all devices. More than likely, your website will have to be re-built to accommodate for this new technology.
  2. Create a mobile website. A mobile website is technically another smaller version of your website. When a potential customer visits your website with a mobile device, they will automatically be redirected to the mobile version. However, we recommend using a dynamic website with a cms system, so both websites are updated automatically when making updates to your site.
  3. You should not use flash on your website. Ipad will not display flash websites. This technology is not cross platform compliant. Your website should use standard website technologies so your site will be visible across all devices.