Custom Content Management System

Your custom content management system will be tailored to your unique business functions.

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Custom Content Management System

Today's technology advancements make it easy for our customers to edit and upload new content to their website. Make changes in minutes and have them appear on your website in real-time. Add content, upload images, and add products. Your business is not static, so your website shouldn't be either. will provide you with a powerful content management system (CMS) to manage your website in real-time.

Your back-end management system will be tailored to your unique business functions. Every company cannot use "out of the box systems" because those systems are generic and will not provide any custom functionality.

Our content management system provides several powerful modules to manage your website. However, your company may need a certain business function that does not exist in any CMS. can develop a new module for your company, and add it to the CMS.

Custom Development can develop custom web software for your unique business needs, and integrate it into our already powerful cms system.

Custom Content Management System - Dashboard
Order Analytics


Custom Content Management System - Page Editor
Simple and Clean

Page Editor

Custom Content Management System - Blog
Familiar Tools


Custom Content Management System - Navigation Editor
Manage Website Navigation

Navigation Editor

Custom Content Management System - Document Module
Manage Documents


Custom Content Management System - News Module
Manage News


Custom Content Management System - Events Module
Manage Events


Custom Content Management System - Slideshows
Manage Slideshows


Custom Content Management System - Photo Galleries
Manage Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries

Custom Content Management System - Videos
Manage Videos


Custom Content Management System - File Imports
Bulk Upload Data

File Imports

Custom Content Management System - B2B - B2C
Create Multiple B2B / B2C Websites

Site Manager

Custom Content Management System - Manage Products
E-commerce Product Management

Product Management

Custom Content Management System - Order Management
E-commerce Order Management

Order Management

Custom Content Management System - Product Attributes
E-commerce Product Attributes

Product Attributes

Custom Content Management System - Product Features
E-commerce Product Features

Product Features

Custom Content Management System - Customer Level Pricing
E-commerce Customer Pricing

Customer Pricing

Custom Content Management System - Member Management
E-commerce Store Member

Store Member Management

Custom Content Management System - Multiple Shipping Providers
E-commerce Shipping Providers

Shipping Providers

Custom Content Management System - Multiple Payment Providers
E-commerce Payment Providers

Payment Providers

Custom Content Management System - Design Website
Create Custom Designs

Design Configuration

Custom Content Management System - Set User Permssions
Assign User Permissions

User Permissions

Custom Content Management System - Background Tasks
Run Background Tasks

Hangfire Task Module

Custom Content Management System - API Middleware
Scan Inventory

Inventory APP API Middleware

Standard Modules

  • Page Editor / Manager
  • Navigation Editor (Recursive Menus)
  • User Management Permissions Module
  • Broadcast Email System
  • Subscribers Manager
  • Slideshow Editor
  • Catalog Manager
  • Banner Ads
  • Google Maps API Search Locator
  • Sales Ad Manager with Automated Emails
  • Photo Gallery Module
  • Automatic Image Compression and Formatting
  • Events Module
  • Blog Module
  • Links Module
  • Document Repository
  • Video Module
  • System Parameter Module
  • Full E-Commerce Store with SSL Encryption - Learn More
  • Shipping and Taxes Module
  • Member Modules
  • Facebook Integration Module
  • Text Editor - Microsoft Word like toolbar and functions
  • We can customize or create a module tailored to your needs.
  • NEW Multi-site capable.
  • NEW Search Friendly URL's

Custom Modules we have developed for clients include:

  • API Integrations
  • Realtime Manufacturer Inventory Integrations
  • Hangfire Task Management Integration
  • Streaming Video Uploads
  • Custom Survey Modules
  • Hotel Reservation System
  • Estimate / Invoicing System
  • Mutli-Site CMS
  • Google API Integrations
  • Automatic Website Generator
  • ERP System Integrations
  • E-commerce Member Pricing
  • Middleware Software for APP Integrations
  • Automation Software
  • CMS SEO Optimizer
  • SFTP Website File Integration Automation
  • POS System Integrations
  • In-House Digital Display Board Website Integrations
  • Website Credit Card Processor Integration
  • E-commerce Shipping Integrations
  • E-commerce Tax Integrations


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